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Obama and Connectivism

on November 5, 2008

This was the first election in our history where a campaign was help in part of the World Wide Web. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, websites, blogs, email campaigns all designed to inform a nation and especially the younger generation. How much did this influence our votes?

Obama hired a team of young technical savvy people to run his campaign on the internet. As opposed to previous presidents, at least he knows what is going on. He even announced his Vice-President to the WWW before the rest of the nation. We do now live in a participatory culture. We do now have the means to communicate and collaborate with many others now in our local neighborhoods. We are connecting. Will we change the world? Will this be a r/evolution?

Obama says he is going to create more schools, and pay teachers more. But this will not change education alone. It will take a community of teachers, parents, administrators and even the students themselves to do this. How are you going to be a part of this?

For statistics on the number of times both Obama and McCain were mentioned on the internet got to ReadWriteWeb


2 responses to “Obama and Connectivism

  1. Patrick Masters says:

    I think this election helped paved the way for future elections using social networking as a basis for gathering support and encouraging others to go out and vote. One has to wonder if these sites were more well known and prevalent over the past 8-10 years if the results would have been any different. Personally I am unsure if the results would have been different but I do feel that Americans would have been more informed by the amount of accessible information available and encouragement from peers to get out and vote.

    Changing education is a difficult task. More schools and more money is not always the answer but it is a start. Increased teacher salaries will attract higher quality teachers that currently do not wish to be underpaid and overworked (what can I say, I am glutton for punishment?)

    Change in education will come with a new effective approach as old and out dated pedagogy are replaced with technology competent teachers that use Web 2.0 tools to help create collaboration and further a deeper understanding in the content itself.

  2. Laura Folk says:

    I thoght about sending Obama the web 2.0 book. I wonder if he has already read it. If there was ever a time that we can ‘change” education I think it is now.

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