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A Design of New Activity in Second Life

on November 23, 2008

I have been thinking about this a lot. Not only for this assignment, but my University is about to get their own island. I hope that we can create Orientation activities around the different departments in the University.

I introduce students in our program to Second Life and I would like to create a more interactive, and helpful Orientation activities. One of the problems is some of my students feel that just visiting some educational places in Second Life is not enough. They feel they need to do more activities. But our classes are very intense and short in time, so I cannot have to do too much either. In future classes they will be presenting and creating more in Second Life.

I have created my own tutorial. And now hope to create videos out of these activities. I believe that you need to show students visually how to do something in Second Life. Especially the new ones who know nothing about Second Life. I would like be able for students to watch a movie in Second Life and also have access to the videos from a website, and then be able to complete the new activity. And it defiantly has to be fun.

Second Life Tutorial


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