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Learner Responsibilities

on October 4, 2009

This is from Curt Bonk’s book – The World is Open

Even though we should have the right to learn, it is up to us to do the work — create an environment, find the tools and make the time to learn.

1. The responsibility to take ownership for our own learning when and where appropriate to do so.

2. The responsibility to seek out the most accurate and credible information while questioning and examining online information and knowledge in a critical and reflective manner.

3. The responsibility to dialogue with children or any other unseasoned learner about how to evaluate the quality of the educational content found online.

4. The responsibility to contribute to the learning of others in a productive and humane way.

5. The responsibility to educate others about the learning potential of the Web—to show them how to contribute to the Web and how to receive learning from it.

6. The responsibility to seek help when online tools and resources are overwhelming or frustrating.

7. The responsibility to respect those who provide meaningful educational content and tools, and all the teachers, trainers, tutors, mentors, and learning guides you encounter in your online learning quests and queries.

8. The responsibility to test and experiment with new learning resources and discuss and report on their utility with others.

9. The responsibility to report online educational resources that are inappropriate or potentially harmful (as well as the people who placed them there).

10. The responsibility to think about how online educational materials can benefit those beyond your household, neighborhood, community, or region of the world to your global brothers and sisters who have different educational and cultural backgrounds, needs, opportunities, and supports.


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