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Wannabe University

on October 8, 2009

A great article by Scott Jaschik in Inside Higher Ed

Universities used to be places on knowledge and research. But “as the decades pass, working at a university will become more and more like working in the corporate world” and administrators will be hired for their ability to carry out corporate-style management.”

Leaders of Wannabe University want professors to teach more students for more tuition dollars. Professors are seeing more demands on their time for teaching and less for research.

Gaye Tuchman’s new book states “Universities are no longer to lead the minds of students to grasp truth; to grapple with intellectual possibilities; to appreciate the best in art, music, and other forms of culture; and to work toward both enlightened politics and public service. Rather they are now to prepare students for jobs. They are not to educate, but to train.”

James C. Garland, the retired president of Miami University, in Ohio posted in his blog “Wannabe U made me squirm at times, because many of the examples paralleled my own experiences. And therein lies the book’s value. I hope my administrative colleagues will read this book, not because they will agree with it, or even because it is, as the dust cover asserts, ‘an eye-opening expose of the modern university.’ They should read it because people in power seldom understand how their actions are viewed by others, and why their good deeds and intentions often provoke suspicion and mistrust.”

The universities in this book and article are state universities, if they are following the corporate ideology of making money first, what about all of those private “for profit” universities.


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