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Online learning – pay it forward

on November 8, 2009

Higher education is a mess.

Sloan-C report, Staying the Course, revealed that 3.94 students in higher ed were enrolled in at least one online class in 2007. Although online learning is growing, most colleges do not have an instructional design team on staff or even a single instructional designer.

Online course development takes more effort than to develop than a face-to-face class. Most online instructors are very disappointment in their campus support structure which includes support for course development, delivery, students, and more.

The Obama administration is now pushing for free online courses for community colleges.

Online courses should not reflect face-to-face classes. Higher education begins to foster the value of innovation. Encourage and motivate the instructors to try something new, something different — to take a risk. Failure is part of growth and success. We are teaching our students to be creative thinkers in the 21st century and we as online teachers need to reflect that in our own teaching practices.


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