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Legal book on Virtual Worlds.

on December 10, 2009

Greg Lastowka, a professor at the Rutgers–Camden law school, suggests that our everyday avatars have lives of their… and laws and lawsuits, to boot. Virtual worlds are evolving away from their origins as entertainment services, and are re-orienting toward less structured and more social experiences.

I have emailed him with my own question. I have asked my former employer to delete me as the founder of the schools group. The only way to do this is to delete all members of the group and start with a new one. I could of done this when my relationship with the school was ended, but I did not want to mess them up, since the group permissions are connected to their land. They have refused to respond to me, or eliminate the group. I keep having future and new students asking me to join the group, and at least 2 have not been so nice, when I told them I could not help them. I do not want my avatar associated with this school. I hope Mr. Lastowka can help me.


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