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on January 17, 2010

Key Stage 1 – Aware (Making the Complex World Simpler)

Key Stage 1 caters to our youngest learners. They enter the learning journey at a time when their brain is at its most competent and absorbent state. They are wired to learn. Their learning occurs at a furious pace and is predominantly sensorial and more multidimensional than at any other state. For these learners, their world, people, surrounding, events, is a huge complex mosaic. As they grow through Key Stage 1, they develop competencies to chip away at the large picture through simple knowns. (From simple to complex)

Key Stage 2 – Enable (Making Learning Visible – Strategies for Success)

In Key Stage 2, the learning journey becomes very elastic. Children are armed with sufficient competencies and self management and begin to interact with the world with greater complexity. It is elastic in the sense that they are able to move between experiences, to make connections and draw conclusions. They can consciously strategize their encounters to maximize their learning. The teacher energizes the learner with explicit strategies which the learner in turn applies consciously, visibly, and moves away from helplessness towards independence.

Key Stage 3 – Empower (Being the Change)

The Key Stage 3 team is a mature learner with fairly advanced competencies and communicative abilities. The learner has sensitivity and sensibility. Most importantly, the learner is meta cognitive (aware of the learning process) and thus, empowered to “solve problems and fashion products” that are aligned with his competencies that are used to effect change for self and the environment.

Riverside Beacons of Learning

1. Language Beacon (Interact with the world)
2. Logical / Mathematical Beacon (Develop number sense)
3. Scientific Thinking Beacon (Obesere and Interpret data)
4. Creativity Beacon (Nurture curiosity and habits of mind)
5. Craftsmanship Beacon (Hone skill into craft)
6. Inter Personal / Intra Personal Beacon (Develop healthy identity and appreciation of others )

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