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Learning in 3D

on February 12, 2010

This week at Metanomics in Second Life (video is not up yet, but should be soon), Robert Bloomfield interviewed Karl Kapp and Tony Driscoll and we got to listen to them talk about their new book “Learning in 3D“. This was an audience that truly understands learning in Second Life.

As Zaid Ali Alsagoff stated in his blog this week there are still limitations to computers, graphic cards and network connections when attempting to use virtual worlds. But there was a whole group of people at this talk that are doing this successfully — teaching in Second Life.

Connie Malamed in her blog wrote “Your Brain On 3D Learning” how this book “rewired her brain”. She talks about the cognitive advantages of learning in 3D — Generative Learning, the Power of Being There, Promotes Informal Learning and Individualized Guidance. We all need to open up our minds and understand that this is the future of leaning. Sure it will be blended with other traditional forms of learning as Tony and Karl talked about, but it is effective learning.

Full Youtube video of Enterprise Applications of Second Life.


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