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Second Life Viewer 2 – 1 day later

on February 24, 2010

Yesterday at the SLPro conference Linden Labs announced the “beta” version of their new viewers. Suddenly everyone at the conference was emailing and twittering others to download and test this new “game changing” viewer out. Please note: THIS IS BETA — if you do not like to deal with problems, do not download it. I crashed twice just trying to upload a texture.

So today, I want to summarize some of the comments by others. Most of these comments are from people who have been in Second Life for some time. And this is where we are going to have to relearn something. This will be easy for “newbie”, but old timers are getting frustrated.

Invisible prims are not needed, there is a new tattoo and alpha layer. Invisible prims, hid part of a mesh in an that you could not get rid of. This way you can create other than human like avatars. The new alpha layer is “mostly for the ability to mix’n’match skins, tattoos, and makeup

One of the biggest changes is “html on a prim” or Media On A Prim (MOAP). Any media with an URL can be put on a prim face. Or multiple prim faces. You can put two or more prims next to each other and play a game online or collaborate on Google Docs in real time. It also works with Flash, javascript and embeded videos! The viewer is open source so it is easily scriptable. Educators should love this.

More on MOAP at Youtube. A very interesting mashup can be viewed at the blog “Life at the Feeding Edge

Snowglobe 2 is a open source version of this viewer. By the way, Linden Labs now will is going to control viewers and what they can do. Linden Lab told us at the conference, who are mostly content creators, that they are going to take copyright violations seriously.

Second Life has also changed the search options making it easier to find places, people and things.

Second Life viewer forum is a great place to make comments and look for help in resolving issues.

Pictures of interface:. Help can be found at the Quick Start Guide and video tutorials.

Download the new Viewer 2 (Beta).

Good luck, and be calm….breath!


4 responses to “Second Life Viewer 2 – 1 day later

  1. […] Second Life Viewer 2 – 1 day later […]

  2. […] Second Life Viewer 2 – 1 day later […]

  3. Tribal1234 says:

    Honestly Both Emerald and 2.0 viewers have some problem or the other and everyone has problems with both of them, I recommend checking out the viewers on They are much more stable and have lot of features.


  4. Strelok Czavicevic says:

    Viewer to is an excellent viewer compared to the original SL. Some computers might have problems switching from viewers, But I don’t want to go back to any other one anymore. It is stable, fluent, very efficient. I agree that you need to get around the HUD at first, but please, give this a try!

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