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on June 20, 2010

Life changes…jobs, heath, relationships. It was almost a year ago that I got “let go” from my position. I had just the gotten back the week before from a 2 month medical LOA. Now there are 5 out of 12 gone… all replaced by previous students making much less pay. But these new graduates do not have the experience and knowledge of those whom they replaced. They will learn just like we did, that everyone is expendable. Money is the key word here, not education.

But I got to moved to an area, I wanted to go to for a very long time. I love it in my new place… I am happier…I am calm… and I got healthier from my illness.

I am developing some interesting possibilities and some freelance work. I am ready to go back to work.. and create new opportunities.

Another interesting article The Real Science Gap that relates to this movie. There are so many educated and talented people who do not have jobs. They have the knowledge…and it is going to waste.

Watch this documentary on how others are re-creating their lives after loosing their jobs.


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