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Retention rates in higher education

on June 21, 2010

Interesting study done on adjuncts and retention rates, in various levels of education.

But what hit me most was this:

“the typical four-year college loses 26 percent of its students between the first and second years, and that about 60 percent of college students who fail to finish end their program in the first year — suggesting that any push to improve retention and graduation rates must address factors that relate to first-year retention.”

I remember decades ago, when I was in college it was graduate students that taught many courses. And that instruction was not very good, many due to the graduate student could not speak english very well, and that they had no previous teaching experience, nor extensive knowledge on the subject.

Now that online instruction is growing, this is getting worse. Online teaching is not like face-to-face teaching and many courses are just being “thrown” up without much thought.


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