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The future of company training.

on September 29, 2010

Ciscso had a big presence in Second Life and found that virtual training really works. Now they are taking their virtual training “in-house” and combining this with a real conference. I feel that now they are reaching out beyond those employees that found it easy to use these platforms. They are now showing those that do not adapt to technology as easy and making this transition as easy as possible. It is clear that this is working for Cisco and we all will find ourselves in virtual worlds.

“In the end, the Global Sales Experience established a whole new standard within the virtual event industry. GSX was clearly a worldwide conference unlike any other, proving that a virtual event can be engaging, memorable, and most importantly, effective.”

Cisco GSX 2009 Case Study from JUXT Interactive on Vimeo.



One response to “The future of company training.

  1. Jim Sutton says:

    Fascinating. Thanks for sharing.
    Old lumberjacks never die, they just pine away. #pun
    Old virtual worlds never die, ….. what come next?


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