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3D Learning Archetypes

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The world is full of interesting things…

The World is full of interesting things.At the end you can download this doc, or create your own. From the Creative Lab @ Google.

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Participatory Culture

Henry Jenkins, new blog post states that he was disappointed in the PBS documentary “Digital Nation“. But he does like with the series of video profiles of people in this documentary.

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“We tell kids to pay attention, but we do not teach them how.”

I just either heard or saw in a tweet this quote above. We do not teach kids how to be still, how to just observe life around them. We would rather give them pills.

A long time ago I was a teacher aide in a middle school in California. He was hyperactive and could not sit in a classroom. His parents had taught him, that others in the family need their sleep and he had to respect that fact. He could stay up, but had to be quiet in his room. This was before computers, so he listened to radio stations at night and called in and won contests. His parents taught him, to be still… and respect the lives of others. They did not try to teach him to conform, only to find ways himself to live with his hyperactivity. I often wonder what ever happened to him. By now he is a man. BTY, he could play chess for hours.

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October 2010 the band Atomic Tom had their instruments stolen

But they know how to improvise……

Atomic Tom website


PLENK 01 and a funny little movie

Very creative and funny xtranormal movie, on the open course PLENK 01


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Changing Education Paradigms

I gotten to see Sir Ken Robinson speak in person. If you haven’t looked at his books, please do.

Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative
The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything
Sir Ken Robinson’s blog

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity
Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!

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PeaceTrain 2010

Volunteers, donations, musicians, artists please help Peace Train in Second Life Friday, Nov. 5 – Sunday Nov. 7. Contact either the people at the bottom of this post in Second Life, or me, either is real life or second life. Show that you care!

The Peace Train Charitable Trust (501 c 3 Public Charity in the US) is proud to announce the third annual PeaceFest!

As you may know, PeaceFest is a multi-day event that brings together musicians, performers, artists and speakers to highlight the amazing work of selected non-profits around the globe, all working for peace. The Peace Train board members choose organizations to support each year. In the past we have supported organizations in Croatia, Rwanda, Colombia, South Africa, and others. 100% of all donations (in-world and through our PayPal account) go to the selected organizations.

This year, we are extremely pleased to be supporting 2 new organizations and one repeat effort:
– Umuseke – providing rehabilitative education to youth from 10-20 years of age in Kigali, Rwanda
– – providing education and job opportunities to youth and families living on and around the Guatemala City garbage dump.
– SEWA- the self-employed women’s association – providing micro-financing to women in poverty-stricken areas of India.

When: Friday, Nov. 5 – Sunday Nov. 7
Where: Multiple sims
What: Fashion, Live music, Performances, Art auctions, and live interviews with representatives from the organizations we’re supporting.

If you are a musician and would like to perform for PeaceFest, PLEASE contact Siri Vita!
If you are an educator and would like to get involved and organize something, please contact Cotton Thorne.
If you are an artist with works to donate or auction off, please contact Tonks Akina.
If you are interested in being a Greeter during some portion of PeaceFest, please contact Tonks Akina.

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Communicating with ease.

The iPad is being used as a communication tool for children with special needs. Unfortunately, medicare will not pay for an iPad because it is a “mainstream” tablet. But they will pay for a touch screen without all the apps for $7,000.

Using the iPad to connect.

Previous post Leo and his iPad.

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My new “happy dance”!!

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