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10 Brainpowered Wonders in The King’s Speech

on February 10, 2011

From Brain Leaders and Learners

This is something we should all look at for designing learning at any age.

1. Trust builds the kind of chemical and electrical circuitry that sparks confidence and intelligence.

2. Dopamine enables confident speech, prevents stammering and adds an ability to risk failure.

3. Music focuses the brain in ways that conquer difficult challenges in innovative ways.

4. Kinesthetic intelligence moves you beyond what linguistic and intrapersonal intelligence lacks

5. Brainpower remaps skills in healthy parts of the brain, by bypassing stagnant or broken parts.

6. Working memory integrates novel facts to generate renewed skills.

7. Humor relaxes the brain and often opens new opportunities for the brain to engage.

8. Interpersonal intelligence engages others best in curious, equitable, and caring situations.

9. Amygdalas tame whenever people add strategies that calm.

10. Failure rocks brainpower into top success, when people find the support to win.


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