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Dreams and Sleep

on March 14, 2011

New Scientist has a very good article on Dreams. We are using EEGs and fMRI to record our brain activity as we sleep. “Changing patterns of electrical activity tell us that the sleeping brain follows 90-minute cycles, each consisting of five stages – two of light sleep at the start, then two of deep sleep, followed by a stage of REM, or rapid eye movement sleep”. We need sleep and dreams to encode what we are learning.

Another study found “REM sleep in particular, strengthens negative emotional memories (Cerebral Cortex, vol 19, p 1158). This might sound like a bad thing – but if you don’t remember bad experiences you cannot learn from them. ”

Click here for video.

So sleep and dreams helps us to organize what we have learn. Lack of sleep can result in risky decisions, inability to concentrate, may lead to obesity and other illness, and many other physical and cognitive problems.


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