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MOOC’s — the future of learning?

on September 4, 2011

I am a fan of MOOC’s. I have taken several and am now sign up for more. Here is two of my favorite people and mentors talking about MOOC’s.

“MOOCs are a challenge to institutionalised learning in that they break learners out of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and allow them to bring their blogs, their podcasts and their spaces to the course.”

Perhaps it is these connections that the community begins to emerge from the chaos.
“Our intent based on our theories of learning, making sense of that chaos is actually the heart of the learning experience.”

from “In Learning


One response to “MOOC’s — the future of learning?

  1. tadams says:

    The quote at the end of your blogs is great – an inspiration! Do you know who penned it first ?

    This is the quote I mention:
    “Every time we made a mistake instead of having a witch hunt to find out who had caused the mistake we all got excited about how we fix the problem, and we didn’t spend any time looking for who was responsible. Because if you spend your time looking for who caused the problem all you do is create an environment where people are scared to make any move unless they can be 100% sure that they are going to be right. Now when you are in pioneering territory there is no way you can be 100% sure that you are not going to come unstuck”

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