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Letter to “The Chronicle of Higher Education”

The Chronicle of Higher Education just ask a question to their readers — “Who Are the Top Technology Innovators in Higher Education? And this is my response.

It is not just one person or one great teacher I am learning from nowadays. It is many. Through the Internet I have created my own personal learning network, I am creating, curating and collaborating with many though out the world. These skills should be taught to all students from middle school on. It should be a requirement in the first month of any university.

Learning to search properly is one of the most important things I have learned. Curation though following using RSS and even Yahoo Pipes others blogs and having their titles dumped into Netvibes so I can quickly find articles that interest me. I find so many interesting people and links to articles (some in scientific journals) though Twitter. But went use an article in my own blog, I also know who to cite it properly and give that person create for their works. It takes time to learn who to follow and who to believe. Howard Rheingold calls this “crap detection“.

I have been to conferences and watched them streamed live. Last week it was a SWSX like technology conference in France and another conference on Virtual Worlds. I have also watch live streaming of Occupy Wall Street. I have taking several MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses with thousands from all over the world lead by George Seimens and Stephen Downes. I just tried to take Artificial Intelligences course from Stanford with 120,00 others. I did not study as much math on Khan Academy YouTube videos that I need to and got lost. But I can take this again in the future or go back to YouTube and watch the lectures.

In Second Life, I have heard Clay Shirkey and Sir Ken Robinson talk. I have meet with libraries and other educators connected to real world organizations such as American Library Association and ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education). I have see how IBM and Cisco uses Virtual Worlds and to train their employees and get them to collaborate with each other. Tony O’Driscoll (from Duke) has a great book on this “Learning in 3D”.

I belong to an Alumi group of past Howard Rheingold’s students that is growing with people all over the world. We are co-learners — teaching each other. We reading books such Cathy Davidson’sNow You See It” (from Duke) and Douglas Rushkoff’sProgram or Be Programmed” — together and comment in a forum our thoughts and opinions. My co-learner and I meet twice weekly in either Adobe Connect or Google+ — not only learning from each other but also talking with a high school class, their teacher along with Roy Christopher about how they feel about classrooms and learning today. We even got Douglas Rushkoff to speak to our little group and Cathy Davidson is on our list.

And every Saturday afternoon I spend with TED, not a person, but short talks from some of the most inspirational and interesting people around the world. Just last week, I learned about the Knowmad’s movement. I am learning more than I have ever learned in my life. Learning is not just restricted to the classroom anymore. Anyone can create, curate and collaborate.

(Several Weeks later)
The Chronicle of Higher Education has picked their nominations, but at least did mention my post. I still think we need to find many people to learn from, whether on the web or in person. This is old fashions. We need to learn collaboration, we need to learn how to communicate with other in this new world, and to curate the web.


Cathy Davidson and Howard Rheingold

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Think different – TEACH different

Think Different from gchavezpooley on Vimeo.

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More on Knowmads

Marcel Kampman talks about “The Dream School

Watch live streaming video from liftconference at

Knowmadic Learning Lab

The Learning Lab – 40 minutes from Lightstorm Productions on Vimeo.

Buck UP…. And Keep On Walking!!! A blog that has separate pages for Design, Social Marketing and Education.

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MOOC’s — the future of learning?

I am a fan of MOOC’s. I have taken several and am now sign up for more. Here is two of my favorite people and mentors talking about MOOC’s.

“MOOCs are a challenge to institutionalised learning in that they break learners out of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and allow them to bring their blogs, their podcasts and their spaces to the course.”

Perhaps it is these connections that the community begins to emerge from the chaos.
“Our intent based on our theories of learning, making sense of that chaos is actually the heart of the learning experience.”

from “In Learning

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Music and the brain…..”The music never stops”

Music has always be a very important part of my life. I also have been very interested in the brain, having a bachelors degree in psychology and my master thesis was on brain based learning. There are many new studies and books out about the music and the brain.

“While music can affect all of us—calm us, animate us, comfort us, thrill us, or serve to organize and synchronize us at work or play—it may be especially powerful and have great therapeutic potential for patients with a variety of neurological conditions. Such people may respond powerfully and specifically to music (and, sometimes, to little else). Some of these patients have widespread cortical problems, whether from strokes or Alzheimer’s or other causes of dementia; others have specific cortical syndromes— loss of language or movement functions, amnesias, or frontal-lobe syndromes. Some are retarded, some autistic; others have subcortical syndromes such as parkinsonism or other movement disorders. All of these conditions and many others can potentially respond to music and music therapy.” (Musicophilia)

Last night I watched a movie about music and brain. Based on a true story and an essay called “The Last Hippie” from a book by Oliver Sacks, MD. “The Music Never Stopped“. Beside being about how music can heal the brain, this is a great family story about the love between a father and a son. It is a flash back to the music and the social problems in the 60’s and 70’s.

Other great books about Music and the brain:
This is Your Brain On Music” by Daniel Levitin

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Rebecca MacKinnon: Let’s take back the Internet!

We are moving from us finding information on the internet to the internet finding us. But we need to be careful. A relating talk on TED “Eli Pariser: “Beware online “filter bubbles” shows us that even searches are filter for us individually.

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Bryan Alexander on Mobile Devices in Higher Education

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eduMOOC 2011

Ever take a class with 2000 others from around the world? One that is free, open and collaborative?

EduMooc is starting this week. This MOOC will be presented by The Center for Online Learning, Research and Service at the University of Illinois Springfield. This will be my 5th MOOC..

Tips for joining a MOOC.

Come and join us……

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