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“Knowledge management is an oxymoron”

Yesterday at the Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds conference Tony O’Driscoll (SL – Wada Tripp) stated that “Knowledge management is an oxymoron, knowledge cannot be “managed”, it can only be enabled. Learning and education is about optimizing our networks, it’s not about pouring information into people’s heads”. Also mentioned was “the “Immerent” which i the immersive Internet that will redefine learning and collaboration. 2D synchronous learning, knowledge sharing spaces, web 2.0 tools and virtual worlds are on a convergence trajectory towards an immersive web future that will redefine how we work, learn and play.”

If you have not read the book “Learning in 3D” by Karl Kappa and Tony O’Driscoll I highly recommend it. They talk about how “3D can enhance knowledge sharing and social networks.” Slides can be seen here.

Today I got a twitter from Tony that states “72 Hour “Moon Shot like Challenge” to Stop the Spill. Please read and if you like, pass along This was mentioned yesterday also, let “us” solve this oil spill crises.

from Roland Legrand

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Obama and Social Media

President-Elect Obama Barack has found a way continue the conversation that he started. is a website where you, and the entire United States is being asked to give their opinions how how the county should be governed. Will social media allow us to actually believe in the words…..”A government of the people, by the people, for the people?”

“The story of the campaign and this historic moment has been your story. It is about the great things we can do when we come together around a common purpose. The story of bringing this country together as a healed and united nation will be led by President-Elect Obama, but written by you. The millions of you who built this campaign from the ground up, and echoed your call for the change you wanted to see implemented by the Obama Administration – this process of setting up that new government is about you.”

Now you have a voice.. Be heard.

from ReadWriteWeb

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Obama and Connectivism

This was the first election in our history where a campaign was help in part of the World Wide Web. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, websites, blogs, email campaigns all designed to inform a nation and especially the younger generation. How much did this influence our votes?

Obama hired a team of young technical savvy people to run his campaign on the internet. As opposed to previous presidents, at least he knows what is going on. He even announced his Vice-President to the WWW before the rest of the nation. We do now live in a participatory culture. We do now have the means to communicate and collaborate with many others now in our local neighborhoods. We are connecting. Will we change the world? Will this be a r/evolution?

Obama says he is going to create more schools, and pay teachers more. But this will not change education alone. It will take a community of teachers, parents, administrators and even the students themselves to do this. How are you going to be a part of this?

For statistics on the number of times both Obama and McCain were mentioned on the internet got to ReadWriteWeb