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New Media and New Literacy

Neil Andersen in his articleNew Media and New Literacy talks about the discrepancy between internet access at school and internet access at home. Many students have much more access at home. And now with most cell phones having internet access this leads to even more discrepancy.

“The most effective way to help children understand
and deal with messages of racism, sexism, or
consumerism is not censorship but education. This is
not to say that censorship should be abandoned, but
that it is naive to think that it is sufficient.”

We are blocking sites at school, that students can use at home.

But we also need to look at those who do not have access to the internet at all. How can we help them, or will cell phones change this.

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Why Universities Shouldn’t Create “Something like YouTube” (Part One)

Henry Jenkins blog is one everyone should read. Dr. Jenkins is leaving in July as the Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program. He is going to be the Provost’s Professor of Communication, Journalism and Cinematic Arts and a joint professorship at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and the USC School of Cinematic Art. His insight to New Media. Participatory Culture, 21st Century Education is thought provoking.

In this article “Why Universities Shouldn’t Create “Something like YouTube” (Part One and Two)

Here at Full Sail University, we don’t just think about letting our students become “publishers”, we encourage them.

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It has been awhile since I last posted. But now with this new class blogging, I need to get back to posting myself. Much has happened in the last few months, and those “brick walls” as Randy Pausch stated in the Last Lecture, never seem to go way.

I hope students enjoy this new assignment and find it very useful. It goes well with the Netvibes assignment.

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