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Landlord Blues – part 1

I do not normally post anything about my personal life on my blog. But this story needs to be told for me. So that I can move on and get it out of my head.

For the first time in my life I moved somewhere for me. I have been looking at North Carolina for a long time — years. At the beginning of this year, I took two trips exploring different cities. Durham was not even on my list. But once I saw Durham and did some research I felt that I could call Durham home. So I rented a little house. I had two months to move.

A family was living in the house when I looked at it. I mentioned it was a little dirty, but I was assured it would be clean. But that was not the case. The first day I got here, I cried all day. Dirt, cracks and marks on the walls, the bathroom window was rotting away. Nothing had been painted in years. Yard had not been touched since last fall. The next day, I threatened to take legal issues and asked to get out of the lease. But what I did not know was, that both RDC (not real name) – the rental agency and the owner Mr. B (not real name) are attorneys.

They were willing to do some things, but not all so I called the Durham City Code Enforcement. Thanks to Ms. S (not real name), they now had over 20 code violations. A hearing is being held in May. I also got an attorney of my own.

While waiting for this all to get settled, I have been afraid to unpack much, plus stuff has to be moved from room to room. I had new living room furniture and a new bed and mattress all picked out, ready to pay for it and have it delivered. Which I have put on hold. I am sleeping on the floor on an air mattress. I should be looking for a job. But now I feel my life is on hold, and I am fixing up a house that I do not own.

This saga is not over. Some has been done, but not all and they are taking their time to do anything. RDC and Mr. B have not cared at all. They were willing to let me out of the lease, but only willing to give me my deposit back. And differently not willing to pay for me to move again or for the rent I have paid. These people are lawyers, and unwilling to do anything nice or decent. According to the deed, Mr. B got this house from a local agency that is suppose to help low income families buy homes. He paid $1.00. How is this possible? Not only to get a house, but uses it for rental income. If anyone knows this secret will you please tell me.

I really like the neighborhood and those I have meet seem nice and very interesting. I am sure my neighbors who own their homes do not want slum landlord in their neighborhood. This saga is not over… the story will continue as it develops.

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