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eduMOOC 2011

Ever take a class with 2000 others from around the world? One that is free, open and collaborative?

EduMooc is starting this week. This MOOC will be presented by The Center for Online Learning, Research and Service at the University of Illinois Springfield. This will be my 5th MOOC..

Tips for joining a MOOC.

Come and join us……

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Steve Keil is talking about his home of Bulgaria, but this applies to all counties.

“The opposite of play is not work… it is depression.”

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Twitter in the classroom (from the 140 conference)

Here is a series of educational talks from this past weeks 140 conference in New York. My favorite is “Growing up in Realtime. All teachers, administrators and parents need to watch this. (The previous 2 posts are also about twitter in the classrooom)

I wish these talks were separate, so I tried to separate them for you.

Beginning: Creating authentic learning experiences for kids using online global connections
Hadley Ferguson (@hadleyjf) – Middle School History teacher, Teaching with Primary Sources Mentor Advisor for the Library of Congress.
JP Toto (@jptoto) – VP of Application Development, Cognis IT
Kim Sivick (@ksivick) – Coordinator of Lower School Technology at a Philadelphia K-12 all boys school
Patrick Higgins (@pjhiggins) – Supervisor of Humanities

Time 16:40: Growing up in real time. Michael Matias (@Michael_Matias) – Student

Time 30:30: College in Real-time Anthony Rotolo (@rotolo) – Professor, Syracuse University He also has a class on Star Trek… what!!!!

Time 42:04: My campaign against corporal punishment in public schools. Marc Ecko (@MarcEcko) – founder, Marc Ecko Enterprises

Here are twoother great article on using twitter in the classroom.

Boosting Student Engagment

Learning History via history.

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Twitter and middle school interns

My previous post was from the 140 conference in New York from last year. The conference was held this week and returning was the teacher and another class of his. Some of the best moments is when these 7th grade students answer questions from the audience at the end.

George Haines (@George_Haines) – Technology Teacher, Sts. Philip and James School

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from last years #140conf, “Animal Farm” via twitter…

As I was looking at this years #140conf in New York, I saw this great presentation from last year. 8th grade students reading Animal Farm with twitter…

George Haines (@George_Haines) – Technology Teacher, Sts. Philip and James School

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