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Learn to Fly in Second Life

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Health Care Reform – on a napkin

Also please look at this interactive map of lobbying patterns in health care.

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The New Media Work Out Plan

Every time you open a new tab to check out one of the following websites, stop. Get up from your computer and do the exercise associated with the site you were going to visit. After you complete the exercise, reward yourself by going to the website.

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Brands in Second Life

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A graduate certificate in Machinima

Australia’s Film Radio and Television school is going to offer a graduate certificate in video games and virtual worlds.

For links to machinima tutorials
Cameras in second life

Find more videos like this on Work Literacy

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Apple Store Love Song

I am not just PC……

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Digital Nation from PBS

Henry Jenkins talks about this website in his blog.

At the Digital Nations site Henry Jenkins “talks about the value of multitasking in an era of information overflow, how collective intelligence may displace the ideal of the Renaissance Man, participatory culture, parents and video games, the myth of game addiction, the nature of virtual reality, what schools are misunderstanding about the new media literacies and why so many teachers are ding book culture at the expense of embracing new skills and experiences.” This is a great resource about new media.

Other talks that are great..

Mark Prensky

Paul Gee

Philip Rosendale – founder of Second Life.

Danah Boyd

Arne Duncan – Secretary of Education

Mark Bauerlein

There are also other interesting post here on War and Relationships.

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Cute video on Second Life

Be anyone, do anything….

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The Well

Last night in our ECI831 session, the Well was mentioned. I was a lurking member of the Well many years ago. In SmartMobs, Howard Rheingold talked about the Well, he was one of the founding fathers.

There were actually 3 little excerpts in his book, that I was a part of. Although it made me initially feel very old…I realized that all three of these CONNECTIONS help to evolve me to who I am today.

The second except is when he talks about DARPA, I worked at Florida State University Supercomputer Computational Research Institute. This was one of 5 universities that DARPA gave supercomputers to. This was also my first introduction to the internet (before the WWW). I created mostly physics papers in TEX, which is to me, is the mother of HTML, CSS, etc. SCRI does not have a Connection Machine now, and the program has evolved into a Department of Scientific Computing.

The third except is when he talked about a whole audience at Siggraph playing pong together. Again, I went to that conference in Las Vegas because FSU sent me there.

Now, I know that I am proud to have been a part of all of this. I don’t think anyone at that time thought that the WWW would evolve into what it is today. But I am certainly glad that after two decades, I am still learning because of it.

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Synesthesia is the blending or mixing of senses. A synesthete, for example, might see colors when listening to music or taste flavors when hearing a word. I see music in colors and always thought everyone did.

The whole movie

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