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The Power of Music

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The Scientific Power of Naps

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Steve Job’s Second-Order Effects – his influence on the creation of the Internet

From “Internet History, Technology and Security” on Cousera.

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What we are learning from online education

There has been and will continue to be much discussion about the MOOCs, — free online learning from top universities. Coursea is one of these programs. We have not figured out the best way for people to learn. It is obvious our current educational systems are not working. At least with these MOOCs, people are experimenting and trying to find the best way to learn. For me, it was never the classroom. I would of never gotten my masters if I had to go to a classroom. I was in the first MOOCs and continue to participate in MOOCs. I love learning though Coursea. I know I can learn these things by myself, maybe with some online help from experts. But I think I need the time constraints (due dates) that these classes offer. Maybe it is because this was conditional to learning in the classrooms as I grew up. Learners in the future, may not need these constraints.  

But the best thing is we are now talking, we are now experimenting. And we need to find a way to educate our kids that does not leave out the poor or middle class. The rich can keep their walled gardens, after all for most of us college is about the social experiences. 


Peter Norvig: The 100,000 student classroom 

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