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Enthustic 6 year old plays “Piano Man”


This is what kids in school are missing when they have no art or music. BTY, Ehtan is also on the autism spectrum. 


Ethan is also on the autism spectrum.. 

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Texting, Data and Saving Lives

“The parents in the room know that texting is actually the best way to communicate with your kids. It might be the only way to communicate with your kids.”

When Nancy Lublin started texting teenagers to help with her social advocacy organization, what she found was shocking — they started texting back about their own problems, from bullying to depression to abuse. So she’s setting up a text-only crisis line, and the results might be even more important than she expected.

Nancy Lublin is CEO and Chief Old Person at, where she harnesses the extraordinary energy of teens and focuses it on issues they care passionately about.

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Slides that Rock!!!!!!!

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Slides That Rock

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Sharon Salzberg – Mediation – Transform your Mind, Change the World

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Motherboard TV: Douglas Rushkoff in Real Life | Motherboard

“For someone who likes to talk about the virtues of disconnecting, the media critic Douglas Rushkoff seems surprisingly always on.”

Alex Pasternack has written a great article about Douglas Rushkoff. He talked to our Howard Rhiengold alumni group a few months ago and he is well worth listening to.

Motherboard TV: Douglas Rushkoff in Real Life | Motherboard.

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Jeff Pulver – Being Vulnerable In the Era of the Real-Time Web

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Brian Greene: Why is our universe fine-tuned for life?

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