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When schools block Web 2.0 tools

Too many of my students ask this same question. How can we get these sites unblocked at our schools. Communication is the key, show the administration how these tools can help learning.

How teachers are working around overprotective content filters to use Web 2.0 tools in the classroom.

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Information overload is a good thing!

Learning of the future is nonlinear and visually active. Those of us who read blogs, have RSS feeds, twitter.. and continuing are bombarded by information from the internet have a better sense of what is going on and how to respond to it. Pattern recognition is the ability to select data that is meaningful to us. The key is going with the flow…

Subliminal pattern recognition and RSS readers

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James Surowiecki: The moment when social media became the news

James Surowiecki who wrote “The Wisdom of the Crowds” has a video not on one of my favorite places. In class we talk — and some of the postings on the discussion board — about networks, groups, and collective intelligence.

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I am showing my students some other Web 2.0 tools that we can use. Here is a Woodle of one of my discussion board.

and another version

Here are some links to website that talk about how Wordle can be used in your classrooms:

Top 20 uses for Wordle

Using Wordle in the Classroom

More on using Wordle in the Classroom

Exploring, Learning and Communicating with Wordle

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K-12 Online Conference Web Feeds

The entire K-12 Online Conference is available at iTunes both video and audio. Please go down to the middle of the page to find the iTunes links.

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