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Happy New Year!!

How many of us will have a night like this!

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Karl Kapp on Virtual worlds

In the article “Virtual Spaces Alter the Normal Bounds of Distance and Space” Kapp describes how virtual spaces should be used.

“While it is possible to make a 3D virtual immersive environment (VIE) look exactly (or pretty darn close) to your actual office building or training room or college campus…what’s the point? The real power of a virtual immersive environment is the ability to transport the learner or collaborators into an environment that is ideally suited for the learning or collaborating that needs to take place and this usually requires an altering of the spaces.”

Too many universities are creating their campuses in Second Life and hope students will come. But why sit in a desk in a lecture hall, when you can create any environment. And then when you visit the campus, no one is there. Second Life is meant for immersion in a particular environment, not to recreate an environment that is failing.

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Steve Jobs at Stanford

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a good explanation of Web 2.0

A mindmap of Web 2.0 tools. Nice layout

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Autism and schizophrenia could be genetic opposites

Researchers found four regions in the genome which dramatically affect the risk of autism or schizophrenia. Called “copy-number variants”, these are stretches of DNA with seemingly accidental duplications or deletions. Crespi’s team found that the presence of a particular variant – a duplication, say – was often associated with autism while the opposite variation – a deletion of the genetic material – was linked to schizophrenia.

Bernard Crespi says “The results fit with other evidence that autism may be caused by overdevelopment of specific brain regions and schizophrenia by underdevelopment”

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90+ Videos for Tech. & Media Literacy

Great resources for media literacy.

Another great link 10 Power Tools for Lifelong Learners.

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Playing games at work.

Robert Bloomfield interviews Byron Reeves about games, virtual worlds and business in his book co-authored with J. Leighton Read, “Total Engagement: Using Games and Virtual Worlds to Change the Way People Work and Businesses Compete“.

Watch the video here.

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Life 2.0 — full length movie on Second Life

Life 2.0 is a movie by Jason Spingarn-Koff, has just been accepted into the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

“It tells a powerful story of the evolution of virtual communities and how such an immersive virtual world like Second Life has transformed millions of real people’s lives around the world, giving the audience a visionary glimpse of the future.” Andrew Lauren adds, “It’s a film about personal connection that illuminates a poetic hope in the strength of human interaction.”

View the trailer.

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Learning in 3D

Robin Teigland (In SL: Karinda Rhode), Associate Professor at Stockholm School of Economics

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Student song on social media

Besides the open course on connectivism I also took a course on Social Media and Education.

Dr. Alec Couros also teaches at the University of Regina and one of his students wrote this song.

As we teach these tools, we will find there are many multimedia ways of student refection. Movies, blogs, and songs. Another student reflects upon what he learned by a movie.

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