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Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud

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What most schools don’t teach


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Video from the 2011 Open Video Conference

“I just think the more people that we can share things with and collaborate with, the richer the conversation, the richer the content, the richer what comes out of that conversation (and maybe even action) will be.” – Amanda Lyons

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Real- time Marketing and Oreo

I am not much of a football fan, but I do try to watch parts of the Super Bowl — the ads and the half-time. While yesterdays Super Bowl will go down in history for several things, I felt that the real-time marketing that went on though Twitter and Facebook will shake the marketing community up.

While and created interesting tweets, it was Oreo that one the day with its black and white graphic.


I have worked as a graphic artist for years and too many times there are so many people involved in the creation of an ad that it gets lost in translation. It is usually not the artist’s fault but all the “important” company people who feel that they need to have input into the advertisement so that they can justify their jobs. I applaud Oreo who not only trusted their advertising agency, but were there to approve this ad immediately. And I hope all advertisers look at this model and see the benefits.



These 13 Brands Totally Dominated The Super Bowl Blackout On Twitter

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